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Device Treatments - Face


A non-invasive treatment for lifting the brows, or lifting and tightening the jowls, cheeks, and laxity of the neck. There are no needles, and no procedural downtime. We also like Ultherapy® for its anti-aging benefits along the tissue planes deep to the skin. Learn more about Ultherapy® here.


A chemical-free, minimally invasive treatment used to stimulate collagen production to effectively treat signs of aging. A relatively quick treatment with rapid results and continued benefits during the following months. Neo-collagen formation sustains an enduring anti-aging benefit, beneficial for fine lines and wrinkles, textural changes, skin tone and strength, or acne scarring.

Therapeutic Dermaplaning

A gentle non-invasive treatment used to thoroughly exfoliate the dull, superficial layer of skin, including fine, vellus hairs. Often combined with a hydrating mask or light chemical peel to create an unmistakable glow immediately following treatment. One of our “red carpet” treatments, great before an event.

Microcurrent Treatment

A low-level current which mimics the body’s natural current, is delivered to the skin to provide immediate and cumulative anti-aging benefits. Because it is sub-sensory, the treatment is generally soothing, while still creating that tighter, smoother look.

Medical Microdermabrasion

A soothing facial treatment which smooths away the dry, dull, outer layers of skin, highlighting the healthy skin beneath. Can be used on the face, chest, neck, and hands. Even a single treatment will create a glow and allow makeup to be applied more smoothly.

Microderm-Microcurrent Blend (MMB)

A combined treatment allowing patients to experience the exfoliating benefits of a microdermabrasion, along with a tighter, smoother look from our microcurrent treatment. It’s a great skin “pick-me-up.”

Trio Combo: Microderm/Dermaplane/Peel

This combo treatment blends all facets of an ultimate skin care service. Smooth exfoliation, shedding of dull, dry skin, and application of therapeutic ingredients customized to bolster the process of healthy, beautiful skin. Your skin will show all the benefits it receives with this great combo.

LED Light Stimulation

A cutting-edge skin revitalization treatment which helps stimulate collagen and elastin formation for more youthful-appearing skin, while at the same time countering inflammation. We utilize both red and blue light wavelengths for maximal benefits. Blue light is a shorter wavelength which targets acne-causing bacteria on the skin's surface, while red light penetrates more deeply to target other forms of inflammation and aging. Treatments have been shown to benefit fine lines, wrinkles, acne, rosacea, inflammatory skin conditions, unbalanced skin tone, muscle and joint discomfort.